The typography is used to organize content and display values so users can make informative decisions. Our base font-size is defined in the body tag and set at 16px. We then use rem (root em) on any font within the software. This helps ensure a responsive font and a good expereince on any device. The default font color is #212121.

H tags

H tags use the font-family Open Sans.

Line height is the same as the font size plus 4 (ex. h1 would have the line height of 36).

h1 - This is a main title (2rem)

Main title on each page.

h2 - This is a sub title (1.75rem)

h3 - This is a section title (1.5rem)

h4 - This is a section sub title (1.25rem)

h5 - This is a introductory (1.125rem)

Base text

Base text uses the font-family Source Sans Pro.

The default font-size is 1rem.

Base text

This is base text

Base text is the default font-size used within the software and has multipule uses.
Display values within cards or tables and sidebar filtering.

Secondary text

This is secondary Text

Secondary text is used to display labels within card and list views.
Since the label has less importance than the value the text color is lighter and the hex value is #595959.

Disabled text

Disabled / Hint Text

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